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Face it, if you’re having to call SERVPRO, it’s probably because you’ve had damage to your house... not a good time. Zach P and Chris R were not only a pleasure to work with during challenging times, but also knowledgeable resources to lean on as we worked through the remediation process. They started with a thorough assessment, took care of the problem and wrapped things up with a detailed report for the insurance company. They were friendly and courteous with great follow through. I highly recommend them! -Joy, via Google Reviews

SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County are the masters of storm damage cleanup. They were able to help me out after a storm did a decent amount of damage to my property. These guys know what there doing! 

My condo was affected by smoke damage due to a small fire next door to me.  SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County was able to remove this smoke odor with no problem.  It was getting hard to breathe without coughing every 5 seconds, so I am glad that SERVPRO could help me out.

SERVPRO helped my restaurant out big time.  A drain backed up during business hours spilling water all over the kitchen area.  SERVPRO came out quickly and took care of the issue without causing a scene.  Thanks to them we were only shut down for 2 hours.  This could have been a lot worse, and I am very thankful for the great work provided from SERVPRO. 

Upon returning from vacation we arrived home to find 2-3 inches of water in our basement.  It had been there for a few days as the smell was beginning to become strong.  SERVPRO came out and did a fine job cleaning up the situation.  Turning a very stressful situation into one we didn't have to worry about.  They informed us to not worry and everything was taken care of within a few days! 

After a few hours of heavy rain my basement took on a few inches of water.  With no equipment to remove it, I called up SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County. Dan was very professional and got the job done without any issues.  He walked me through each process and showed me what was being done. 

SERVPRO helped me out tremendously after a fire tore my kitchen apart. I was amazed at the way they were able to restore my kitchen to where it was looking better then before.  I highly recommend SERVPRO if you are ever going through a similar situation. 

After a fire damaged multiple apartments in my complex SERVPRO of Western Lehigh did a fantastic job cleaning up and restoring them back to livable conditions. The crew new what they were doing and kept me informed every step of the way. Thanks for the great work.

After the pump in my basement stopped working and my basement became flooded I was not sure who to call for help.  Luckily I came across SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County who responded to my call immediately.  They removed the water in no time, and started drying out my basement within an hour. Thank you SERVPRO for helping me out in a tough situation. 

What can I say SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County really did a fantastic job removing mold from my finished basement.  They were fast and got the job done so my home was mold free! I know who to call now if another situation should occur. 

After our home experienced heavy rain storms that resulted in flooding.  SERVPRO sent out a crew the next day.  They were very efficient during these hard times. It took about a week to get the basement usable again, but it felt much shorter. Thank you to the SERVPRO crew for being so friendly, and professional. 

SERVPRO of Western Lehigh help my family out in a big time of need.  A tree took out a whole side of our home during a storm.  SERVPRO did a wonderful job once the tree was removed.  They removed all the debris so that the section could be restored. 

Thanks to SERVPRO my finished basement was saved after a large storm ripped through bringing lots of rain. They were able to remove the standing water from basement and dry it out fast enough that all the flooring and furniture was saved. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County.

After a devastating fire in my basement, SERVPRO came out and began working on the damage right away. They let me know what was going to be done and kept me informed throughout the process.  I was highly satisfied with the completed product. 

SERVPRO responded to my call after the first floor of my condo had significant smoke damage after a fire in the building next to mine.  They set up the equipment quickly and with in a few days the odor way completely gone. Thank you!

Lennon from SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County came out right away to clean up a sewage spill in my basement. He was very friendly, explained everything, and did a great job. He left the equipment for a few days to dry out the basement and came back on my schedule to pick up. It was also very easy to work with them via my insurance - I gave them the claim number and I didn't have to deal with any billing.

SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County has to easily be the number one company to restore my home after a water leak. My insurance provider referred me to Vadim Balibar and he got a crew to my home in less than an hour. He checked in to make sure how we were doing and made sure we were 100% satisfied. I was very distraught during the incident and my insurance assurred me SERVPRO would take care of me and they exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much!

I called in a few companies to see who would be able to get here the quickest. SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County arrived on time and was very professional.

After a storm brought a heavy dose of rain to my area, my home took on about 3 inches of water in my basement.  SERVPRO of Lehigh County responded to my call quickly to extract the water.  Thank you SERVPRO!

Be a winner and go with SERVPRO of western Lehigh county!

SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County cares and puts the customer first! Thank you

Look no further, SERVPRO will take care of it!
I had a tragedy at one of my rental units and had no idea what to do. I called SERVPRO and without hesitation they told me they would take care of my problem and additionally it would be taken care of in 2 days. Thank you SERVPRO!
I highly recommend this franchise.

Fire, water, or smoke damage in the Lehigh valley? Call these guys. They came to help me at my house in West Allentown and did an excellent job!

I had fire damage that made my whole house smell like smoke. SERVPRO of western Lehigh country got my house smelling better then before the fire ever happened. . It was like it happened but now it's better.

I personally believe that this company is one of the most responsive, caring, and compassionate business here in the Lehigh Valley. They pay close attention to your sentimental items and the feelings that are attached to them. They can handle any size issue and get things back in shape as quickly as possible. They strongly believe in giving back to the local community and are very active in many philanthropically functions and awareness events. 

Dedicated business owners who work hard and do what's right for there customers. Also Chuck the owner is the nicest most caring guy you will ever meet. I would recommend calling SERVPRO of Western Lehigh County just to meet them.

I had called several weeks ago and spoke to Chris Reed about some possible mold in my mother's basement due to prior water damage. I needed an estimate and was pleased to meet Chris this past week. Chris was polite, efficient, and explained what needed to happen. The estimate was fair for the work that needed to be done. I was only in town for 2 days and Chris was able to send a crew the next day. The 4 people that came to do the actual removal and remediation were great. They were so pleasant throughout the transaction and left the area spotlessly clean. I would highly recommend Chris and the team that he had come to my mother's house. Excellent!

SERVPRO was fantastic and would most certainly use them again!

Dedicated business owners who work hard and do what's right for there customers.

I had fire damage that made my whole house smell like smoke. SERVPRO of western lehigh country got my house smelling better then before the fire ever happened.

They checked out the mold situation in my house and helped me fix the problem through my insurance and it didn't cost me anything!

The crew was on time, took care of the project very efficiently, and my nightmare was over! Thank you SERVPRO!
I highly recommend these guys.